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Why Choose accounting

If you run your own business you may find that you really enjoy the day to day work but managing finance & accounts can be a real headache.  However, in order to make important decisions on how your business is performing, it is vital to have a clear, complete and up-to-date set of financial records and also control over your spending. We also understand that maintaining your financial accounts and records, supervising accounts staff, dealing with accountants, auditors, bankers and creditors all place pressure on the valuable time and monetary resources of your business. Our aim is to lighten the load and take these tasks off you and give you more time to concentrate on the most important activity, i.e., running the business.

Being great accountants is more than just preparing and filing numbers. RCC accountant’s love working with individuals and small business owners to give them the tools and assistance they need to reach their objectives whilst ensuring they are compliant in all the legal obligation.