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Payroll Services

Payroll Services in London


You have a vision for your company’s growth. By outsourcing your payroll system to Right Choice Consulting you and your employees are freed up to concentrate on your core business and achieving that vision. Pension, maternity pay ,sick  pay, tax code changes etc. all contribute to the complexity of even small business’s payroll function.


On the top of that are your statutory reporting requirements, which requires use of specialist software. So, if payroll goes wrong, you will have both internal and external issues to deal with and possibly fines to pay. By outsourcing your payroll to us we will work closely with you to understand your business and its payroll services in London. We will ensure that payroll is processed on time, ensuring they receive accurate pay slips. At the same time, we will submit your statutory reports to HMRC, such as Real Time Information PAYE so that we are in compliance with regulations.


Our Payroll Services process

Initial Contact:

  • Contact Mahesh Maiya at 02039104610


Form needs to be sent

  • We begin by getting your PAYE details in case if company is already registered with HMRC for running payroll otherwise we will email you our form which needs to be filled up and emailed back to us for PAYE registration


Employee starter forms

  • Employee starter forms needs to be emailed to us for each employee in your organization.
  • Once all employees provide their details on employee starter forms, we submit all the relevant details to HMRC under your PAYE code.


Salary Information’s

  • We will require you to provide us with salary details for each employee along with any payment that you disburse to them.
  • We will also require you to provide all the details about any deductions that are made from each employee’s salary.
  • Thereafter we process your company’s payroll and email you payslips, P32 and Payment summary for approval.
  • Once it is approved, we publish the payslips so that employees can access it online.

Real Time Information ( RTI)

  • Finally, we run Real Time Information for you.


Few of the benefits to getting your payroll processed by our payroll specialist based in Harrow and Wembley:


  1. Our payroll experts will make sure that your risks are minimised and your payroll is done efficiently and effectively.
  2. Payroll is always sorted on time.
  3. All your HMRC filing is done in line with current legislation.
  4. Save time and money
  5. Our payroll service is cheap and gives excellent value for money.
  6. Employee portal to email, view or print payslips. Complete data protection for peace of mind your data is secure.