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Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) Tool

HMRC’s regular Talking Points provide information, guidance and tips to help you to understand tax issues.

We have a Talking Points webinar coming up. There are a limited number of spaces, so save your place now.

Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) Tool: This webinar is designed to help you understand how HMRC’s Check Employment Status for Tax tool, or CEST for short, can help you make robust and accurate status determinations. During this session we will walk you through a status determination using a mock engagement.

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Transition Update

The Brexit transition period ends in 20 days. If your business trades goods with Europe or you represent businesses who do, you’ll need to be prepared for changes that will come into effect from 1‌‌‌‌‌‌ ‌January 2021.

We understand these are challenging times, but it is important to make sure that your business is ready for these new rules. At the time of writing, talks are ongoing about our future trading arrangements with Europe. These rules will not change or go away, and the steps that you need to take to prepare, are needed in any scenario before you can trade from 1‌‌‌ ‌January.

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